Hello. This forum is for my friends from middle school to play PbP games over the summer, of course, everyone is welcome to play.

    Terms of Use


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    Terms of Use

    Post by Jackson~ on Fri May 22, 2015 12:00 am

    Hello everyone, I thought I should clear a few things up for the ToU, which you agree to by registering to the site, and each user is accountable for his or her own actions, as well as infractions.

    •This forum is PG. Don't be that one person who ruins this forum for others by swearing.

    •Make your posts make sense! Don't just post random numbers or letters and expect to not be warned by a moderator. Posting this kind of material goes under the category of spam.

    •And speaking of spam, SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED! Don't flood the forums with the same message over and over again.

    •No links to shock sites, jumpscares, or any other links that would provoke, threaten, offend, or otherwise frighten a user.

    •Do not bait to other sites promising free products we do not endorse.

    •Don't do anything illegal! (Hacking, DDoS, etc.)

    Once again, these terms are agreed to once you register to the site. Any infractions will be handled by the moderator and administration team. Smile

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